With my medical and sports background alongside my entrepreneurial lifestyle, I feel I’m extremely well placed to guide high performers in achieving their health and body composition goals alongside business, travel, relationships and social life.

My methodology comes from years of experience and experimentation on myself from muscle gain to fat loss to ketogenic dieting and blood testing. If something new comes out, I’ll be the first to check it out and figure out how we can use it to improve our outcomes.

I currently spend most of my time in Portugal, chasing the sun in the winter and practicing what I preach. I have multiple businesses and investments and travel a lot while staying healthy and in shape showing what is possible.

It’s not about extremes, but rather balance across the board and focusing on what is important (i.e. the 80/20) that allows you to achieve happiness and success in life.


Meet the Team: Dan Forbes, Ella Whitcomb, Will Poustchi, Tom Morgan