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How It All Began

Emil has been totally immersed in health and fitness his whole life competing in multiple sports, coaching and working in gyms, and finishing medical and sport science degrees in his teens and 20s.

Over the years, he started to experiment more, first with muscle and strength gain as a national strongman, then to the extremes of fat loss as a bodybuilder. This progressed into more scientific experimentation with ketogenic and plant-based dieting, and fasting including blood testing and continuous glucose monitoring.

The Concept Takes Root

Having experienced the extremes, Emil switched his focus to entrepreneurship and balance.

It’s relatively easy to get into shape if you spend all your time in the gym and eating dry chicken.

He wanted to see whether he could sustain health and optimal body composition while enjoying life and all the experiences it can offer. This includes eating out, socializing, traveling, and running multiple businesses. Truly balancing health, wealth, and happiness.

The Birth of Health Evolved

Emil traveled and spoke at events all over the world, meeting interesting people running all sorts of businesses. He quickly realized that trying to juggle all three was HARD, and he was onto something.

This is where Health Evolved hatched, and he started to exclusively coach high performers with lots of commitments who wanted to achieve success across all areas of life and weren’t sure how to approach it.

The Academy Is Launched

The concept quickly grew, and soon Emil realized he couldn’t serve everyone on his own.

He teamed up with Dan Forbes, elite strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist and father of 3 who he’d known since his first days working in a gym.

Together, they launched the Health Evolved Academy with Dan leading the coaching side of the business and Emil spreading the message around the world.

We Help High Performers Unlock Their Full Potential

Emil and Dan work with entrepreneurs and high performers from all over the world.

They often have families and/or are living very busy lifestyles, whether it is running multiple eCommerce brands or pushing hard within their careers.

We come to wherever you are in your health journey and guide you to your goal once and for all. After working with us, you’ll never need another coach or program again.