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This is Andrew Steven

Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

I chose to work with Dr Emil because I knew to implement meaningful change that would be long lasting was not going to be easy but it needed to happen.

I knew I needed to have the upmost respect for my coach in order to trust in his approach and to stay accountable. Emil was this person.

Obviously he is impressive to look at when you meet him. You can see he has done the work and lives what he coaches, but that backed by his medical experience and training is just an unbeatable and unique combination.

His principles are simple but sound. I did not find they required huge changes to my lifestyle that would likely result in becoming de-railed after a few weeks.

Setting achievable targets, not sacrificing the things you love but adjusting to more mindful and meaningful relationships with food and exercise started to come naturally and feel like lasting changes.

Emil’s coaching methods and advice are rock solid and can work for anyone, even those with previous high failure rates. It’s totally worth it and I recommend him highly.

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Within 5 months, he got me more shredded than I ever thought was possible.

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Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

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It wasn’t a cookie-cutter type of program. It was around my lifestyle and around my eating habits.

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