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This is Coran Woodmass

Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

I started working with Emil right before a crazy travel schedule and the holiday period. I did this because I wanted to make a long term change towards a healthier lifestyle, not a quick weight loss and rebound.

In the past, I’ve tried a diet and lost some weight only to put it all back on again faster than I lost it. Mostly this was because the diets were too restrictive and not long term solutions.

So far the biggest win is I’ve changed my habits in a way I believe will be sustainable long term! I know what to eat when and I am back in the gym consistently and LOVING it!

Also, the mindset development alone over this period has helped with other areas of my life – like my business which was a nice side benefit.

Before working with Emil I was struggling to maintain any consistent improvement in my health and fitness. I was using the excuse that I travel a lot. Which was BS!

Now I have a game plan on travel days, have set up systems (& people) to help support my lifestyle so it’s just part of what I do now.

If you are thinking about working with Emil I would highly recommend setting up an intro call and seeing if it’s a fit. If you can commit to the process you will see improvements.

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Within 5 months, he got me more shredded than I ever thought was possible.

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Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

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It wasn’t a cookie-cutter type of program. It was around my lifestyle and around my eating habits.

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