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This is Simon Hurst

I’m feeling stronger, lighter, more focused and happier.

Being self employed in the e-commerce sector, I found that I would constantly make excuses about changing my diet and exercise habits.

There was never time to go to the gym and working from home made over eating so easy. I knew I needed assistance, so when I found out Emil offered this service I knew I needed to work with him.

He made is super easy for me to change my eating habits; at no point did I feel I was missing out on anything. Getting back to the gym with a personalised program made it really easy to be back in this environment and feel like I knew exactly what I was doing.

Since moving back to the UK 10 years ago, I put on 10kg and have been stuck around 103kg for as long as I can remember. At 45 years old I wondered if i could easily lose the weight and gain my fitness back.

Now just over 3 months in, I am down to 93kg, I’m feeling stronger, lighter, more focused and happier. Emil is a top man, thank you for helping me get to this stage.

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Within 5 months, he got me more shredded than I ever thought was possible.

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Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

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It wasn’t a cookie-cutter type of program. It was around my lifestyle and around my eating habits.

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