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How does online coaching work?

Online nutrition and fitness coaching is very much like other types of high performance or business coaching. We have weekly coaching calls, I challenge your beliefs, upgrade your knowledge and together we set short, middle and long terms goals. I then map out a path for you to reach these goals as efficiently as possible, within the constraints of your lifestyle AND sustain the results long term. This weekly contact allows me to convey the information you need to succeed and stop you second guessing yourself but also to provide accountability and make the adjustments required to succeed. I use various apps and software to make this process as streamlined as possible but I can go into more detail on the call!

Is physical activity/exercise advice included? Is going to the gym a requirement?

Exercise advice is included and can include a fully progressive gym workout (tailored to you and your gym) which is delivered through a super slick app (Train Heroic), liaising with your local trainer, or guiding you from never having exercised to doing something 2-3 times a week on a regular basis. This is entirely built around you, your experience levels and your end goals. All I REQUIRE is that you are open to perform SOME physical activity (anything) with a view to progressing over time and getting better.

Online Coaching

What else is included?

Although nutrition is the crux of the programme, it is impossible to view or coach it in isolation. I also discuss and optimise exercise (see above), sleep, supplementation, NEAT (non-exercise activty thermogenesis) and blood markers. Additionally, I give general advice on stress, medical issues (particularly how they relate to your goals) and I have a great reading list I can share with you too.

Do I even need an online coach?

The guys I coach are super successful in what they do and I’ve no doubt that some of them would reach their goals eventually over time through sheer application of will and determination. However, this would take research, trial and error and a load of effort (not to mention the frustration and guesswork associated with this method). I know, I’ve been there. I was nearly 320lb in college and although I eventually lost the weight (I was a student at the time and had a lot of time to kill), it took me a further 6 years to get to a stage where I could effortlessly maintain it and advise people on how to do it efficiently themselves. So, in short, you do not NEED a coach but if you prefer to leave the decision making to a professional to reach your goal as quickly and safely as possible then coaching may be for you. As Peter Drucker said: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Consultation and Cost

When do clients fail and what do you do about it?

This was a question I was asked on a call once and I loved it. What a great question and valid concern! My answer was simple: You will succeed if you follow the process. I will make it as easy as possible but no easier. I still need commitment and hard work from you. Therefore, people only fail when they disengage from the process or give up. Ultimately this is down to whether you adopt a growth or fixed mindset. The growth mindset says that you can learn, improve and that mistakes give you the opportunity to grow and get better. The fixed mindset says that you are where you are due to fixed characteristics that can’t be changed. This can flip back and forth and no doubt coming into coaching most people are in a growth headspace but when life gets busy or a few mistakes are made, it is very easy to revert back to a fixed mindset. This is why people fail and getting on the calls can prevent this. If you make a mistake then let’s talk about. If you feel overwhelmed, let’s talk about. If you went off the rails and murdered a buffet at your friends wedding then this is an opportunity to learn, grow and adapt.

What kind of commitment is required?

I do weekly coaching calls which last up to an hour. I expect you to allow 5-10 minutes each day to update and reflect on your progress. I work with people for a minimum of 3 months but most people work with me for an average of 8 months (though I have a client who has been with me for 3 years and counting - multiple progressive goals and he loves the accountability, what can I say!).

Are you really a doctor?

Yes, I am a medical doctor! I initially trained in anesthesioloy and worked in intensive care and then the emergency room for a number of years before making coaching and health optimisation my full time occupation. I also have extensive experience in private blood reporting, mainly related to sports and nutrition optimisation and hormone replacement therapy hence my inclusion of blood testing in my coaching programme. Please note that although I am a doctor, I am not YOUR doctor so although I can give general guidance, you will need to see your doctor for any formal medical advice. For example, I will advise that you see your doctor if any significant abnormalities come up on your blood tests. Though, I will also give guidance on what to expect and how you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Do you do one-off calls/consultations?

I do not offer one off consultations as I find that a dedicated course of coaching (for at least 3 months) will give infinitely more value.

What diet methodology do you follow/prescribe?

The one which works. I am not being facetious but this will vary from person to person. Some people like low carb. Some people want to cut out meat. Some people want to optimise every last gram of food they eat (and some people still want to eat ice cream). The only thing I would say is that tracking and monitoring your intake for a period of time is very important and my clients who have gotten the best results have done exactly this. It’s not to say that you will be meticulously tracking everything for ever more. This is just a part of the learning process and will allow you to reach your goals as quickly and as effectively as possible. You’ll have heard about people who “cut xyz” out of their diet and lost weight. It works, it’s just much more hit and miss, much more prone to trial and error and you never hear what happens once they re-introduce the foods that they banned and gained all the weight back (and more).

What is the cost?

This process will require significant commitment and investment. Whether this is expensive or not depends on perspective, but the goal is a life-changing health transformation that you do once and never need to worry about doing again. Do it once and do it right. I only discuss specific pricing on the call where we can decide if we are a good fit and I can demonstrate the value of this process to you, way beyond just dropping a few lb or kg.