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This is Phil Williams

Nobody else combines medical, nutrition, and training knowledge like he does.

10 reasons I recommend working with Emil:
1. He’s a great human being.
2. Nobody else combines medical, nutrition and training knowledge like he does.
3. He helped me to overcome limiting ideas I had about my fitness and my age.
4. He helped me turn things around at a critical point in my life. Without his help I would be stuck in a trajectory of gaining more fat and becoming less healthy.
5. Everything he gave me was based on science and evidence. Zero BS, myths or fads.
6. The base of knowledge I got from Emil is still growing and evolving as I continue to implement and learn from this.
7. I believe the value of this knowledge will compound over time meaning I can look forward to a higher quality of life.
8. I’ve been able to share what I’ve learned to help the people closest to me.
9. Finally. I truly believe working with Emil will add extra years to my life.
10. He helped me get more lean and eat more ice cream everyday

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Within 5 months, he got me more shredded than I ever thought was possible.

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Take Your Health to The Next Level & Start Winning at Life

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It wasn’t a cookie-cutter type of program. It was around my lifestyle and around my eating habits.

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